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May 2014 Featured Artist: Elder Crow
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Fronting Elder Crow is Tyler Morgan, with vocals as fresh as the other side of the pillow, he addresses issues related to social justice throughout their debut album.

Morgan also plays a rhythm guitar and takes a few solos as well. Drummer Eddie “Lalo” Esparza keeps the beat locked tight. Esparza has an incredible ability to apply just the right amount of dynamics, sitting back in the groove or being up in your face. Eric Fernandez picked up the bass a few months ago and has not put it down. The heavy bass lines Fernandez has create melds beautifully with the beats and drives the album. Ray Yurkewycz lays down the lead guitar like nobody’s business. Yurkewycz blazes through solo after original solo paying attention to the detail of each screaming note and sounding a bit Neil Youngish.

Elder Crow formed less than a year ago, October 2013, and during this time they have developed the original, unique sound that is heard on ‘Said & Done’.

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