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The Musical Sea
February 2005 Featured Artist: The Musical Sea
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February 2005

Mastered releases for PDX artists Eric Messler, John Neal a.k.a. Hot Boy, Stop Watch Trauma, Missing Jimmy, Joshua Fire, Dick Titterington, Andi Camp and We’re From Japan. Engineer/producer Mark Bosnian stopped by to master Robin Tudor‘s new CD. Mastered the new Blood Ritual CD for Moribund Records as well as Seattle area band The Three Legged Dogs. Sweetened the new Stayton Church of Christ‘s Praise Band release. Principal Bassoonist/producer Mark Eubanks came in to master the Oregon Symphony‘s Classical #4 concert for radio airplay. Wrapped up recording, mixing and mastering for the new Matty Molnar CD entitled “Baggage.” Tracked, mixed and mastered a new EP for singer/songwriter Marjorie Millner. Continued tracking Vancouver band SmirK. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Track Sheet” section of the May 2005 issue of Mix Magazine.