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Skip vonKuske
June 2005 Featured Artist: Skip vonKuske
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June 2005

Mastered releases for PDX artists: Anybody, Shane Scheib, Lisa Parrish, The Eddie Parente Quartet and a live recording by internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Alfredo Muro. Mastered the new Desert City Soundtrack CD entitled Perfect Addiction to be out on Deep Elm Records and Moribund Records artists Leviathan and Fear of Eternity, as well as Salem, Oregon Piano/Flute Duo Sandy Duffy-Norman and Debra Huddleston and Ogden, Utah band CART!. Principal Bassoonist/producer Mark Eubanks came in to master the Oregon Symphony‘s Classical #12 and Classical #14 concert for radio airplay. Tracked and mixed a new song for singer/singwriter Marjorie Millner. Began tracking a new project for Bend, Oregon area artist Matty Molnar including help by Dave Captein and Kurt Deutscher. Continued tracking the new SmirK CD, the Jake Kot Quartet and Carl Wirkkala‘s new project. Mastered the new CD by Emile Pandolfi entitled “Believe” and Seattle area harpist Bronn Journey‘s new celtic inspired CD.