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Jake Kot
July 2003 Featured Artist: Jake Kot
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July 2003

Mastered releases for Portland area artists: Phil and Gayle Newman, Aric Riley, Seymour, The Del Toros, Last Chance Record‘s artists: The Jolenes and Paisley Pop Records group: The Swivel Chairs. MIB Music‘s Bryce Van Patten came in to master an eighteen song metal compilation including: Jester’s Moon, Moonlight Agony, The Prowlers, Element, Madog, Hell Candidates, Antares, Dr. Mastermind, Metharia, Victim, Art of Fear, Still Life, Rapid Fire, Stairway, Rain, Mercury Rain, Sabatan and Babylon. Bands come from all parts of the globe including Italy and Poland. Jim Fischer came by to add keyboards to the new James Giger CD entitled “I’ve Anchored My Soul” in which mixing and mastering was also completed. Jim Fischer also added keys to Tim Current‘s ongoing project. HeavyWood Music‘s Dick Titterington came by with Ohio-based jazz guitarist Dan Faehnle to master his new release entitled “Ohio Lunch”. Coos Bay band, Habit came up for mastering as well as Relentless Recording engineer Jim Sanders for his own band The Burrmans. Adam Zwig was in to begin transferring and editing tracks for his new CD. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Coast to Coast – Session & Studio News” section of the October 2003 issue of Mix Magazine.