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October 2004

October proved to be Black Metal month, mastering releases for Moribund Records, including Tacoma, WA band Infernal Legion, Finland’s Sargeist, and split release for Sargeist with Denmark’s Horned Almighty, LA band Xasthur and PDX band Winter of Apokalypse. In addition, PDX black metalheads Engorged came by. Mastered releases for PDX artists Selah P.R., Beltline, Maria’s Arcade, Bill Beach, Steps to Lydia, Conroy and Debrie, Chelsea Wallace, Jim Fischer, Vinegar, Mark Bosnian. Mastered single tracks for Donovan Weber, The Cunningham Sisters and The Headless Human Clones. Caleb Olsen of Outsider Audio was in to master new releases by The Clergy as well as Craig Meade. Tracking began for The Holmgren Sisters and Matt Molnar. Began mixing an extensive double CD release of Hip Hop tunes by Rama. Edited tracks for Adam Zwig. Mixed and mastered the first in a series of nature/music relaxation CDs for The Musical Sea. The first featuring the work of Charles Suniga. Mastered a Carnegie Hall recording by Mary Anne Rees. All of the employees at PDX’s Escape from New York Pizza contributed a track for a new compilation featuring their work. Very cool. HeavyWood Recording artist Dave Evans was in with Randy Porter to master his new release. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Track Sheet” section of the January 2005 issue of Mix Magazine.

Ruby Red
October 2004 Featured Artist: Ruby Red
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