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Featured Artists

February 2010 Featured Artist: HolliePollock
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February 2010

Mastered releases for PDX area artists: Ezra Holbrook, The Golden Bears, RawKSouL, Joe Stoddard, Brandon Chandler and Adam Benson. Mastered new songs from New Yorker Greg Fair. Began recording a new project for Rich Milock. Continued mixing tracks for The DAGA Project. Recorded, mixed and mastered a single for Brian Krichevsky. Recorded the Camas High School choir. Sherman Clay delivered a beautiful Steinway B which was in the studio for a week. In the meantime, Fredrik Hellsten from Iowa came in and recorded, mixed and mastered an album of hymns. Kristina Welborn also made use the piano and tracked several tunes. Editing for Adam Zwig. Bert Pegg of SmirK was in to track one last song for the Vancouver band in addition to creating a CD to commemorate the band’s last show.