Nettleingham Audio

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August 1997

Mastered releases for PDX area artists: Thy Infernal, Bill and Sylvia Groener, Jeff Putterman, Grammatrain Editing for PDX band Threscher and MannaTech rep Patti Stuerer. Mastered Northern Exposure star, Moultrie Patten’s new Vaudeville style CD entitled Giving Away a Smile. Mastered Bob Snyder of the Boston Piano Company’s new CD entitled “Keys of Praise II.” Continued tracking for Edna and the Boys at Falcon then mixed at Sound Impressions. Mixed the new fuse CD with engineer Jeffrey Reed at White Horse. Tracked Calgary, Alberta, Canada artist Cheryl Fischer at HeavyWood Studios and then mastered it back at Nettleingham Audio. Traveled to Cape May, NJ to record Emile Pandolfi live.