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Accolades. Praise. Expletives of joy.

"Finished final mixing/ mastering for our project today with Anthony. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you and Anthony’s help. First with sitting down with you to explain the process to me, and then recommending Anthony as the Engineer we should use. Anthony was fantastic with helping us get comfortable with recording, then with the editing/mixing, and finally mastering. The songs came out better than I ever expected. Anthony was a big part of that. Thank you Anthony. I would absolutely recommend your studio, and Anthony to any body else looking to do a project like ours. Thanks again"

—via email Brian K. Walker

"...I just want to say thanks for all you’ve done for me, specifically I really appreciate your choices for the mixing: making things clear, stereo placement the “punched pillow” kick drum, and all the subtle things you’ve developed over the years that I may or may not even hear…

Thanks again, man."

—via text Jnana Sivananda  

"I put my headphones on and listened several times. I feel the disintegration and the state of anguish are intrinsic. I really like it very much!

It is in line with the whole concept..."

—via email Cataplasma (Naples, Italy)

"Yo, you are truly the best in the game Kevin. You just made the track a monster. Thank you for helping me out all these years..."

—via text Enric Sifa

"...Nothing but RAVE reviews! People love the CLEAN sound AND love the graphic design/packaging! You're the best! Love and Blessings."

—via USPS Don Eaton

"Kevin is amazing! He made my vocals sound like I'm sliding down a tube into a sea of sludge. Fuck McDonalds' play structure, you'll find me at Nettleingham Audio."

—via email 5 to a Hill

"You took these songs to new heights only a true seagull can fly to. Thanks for all your insight, expertise, and squawks!..."

"I just listened to the DDP of the Shoebox Letters record and had to call. Man! Just fantastic! You did everything I was hoping to get back and more. I love the silkiness on top, the big warm low end, even warmer than what you got but still clear as a bell. Then the mids, some of the honk here and there are gone, I can't say enough good about it. Thank you so much, I'm delighted! I really appreciate it!"

—via voicemail Brian David Willis

"I am so grateful for your work - and I really want to say that I feel you approach things in such an artful way - it's not merely "engineering"; it's an art form.  I recognize that - and it's so present on this album to me.  The adjustments were terrific and added just a bit more dynamic excitement.  I could not be more pleased..."

—via email Matt Zrebski

“‎…Thank you so much for working so close with us on this project! The atmosphere is so comfortable that we were able to completely relax so these songs could take shape almost effortlessly. Your professionalism was mind blowing to witness. Everything about these last 2 days was completely AWESOME!! You are AWESOME! Your studio is AWESOME! Thank you! Thank you! Thank! You!…I’m very much looking forward to our next session!!”

—via email David Crowther Dick’s Garage

“‎As usual, Kevin, the sound is fantastic: clean, intense, great mixes. But what I always most prize working with you – aw you know – is the speed and accuracy with which you are able to run the session, run the board, learn and know the music inside and out as you listen to it. It is the unspoken, unseen things that happen for the artist in a session that set you apart. You have the artist’s interests and goals clearly in mind, and you help him do his best by not slowing things down with technical holdups. I’ve never seen a session run that smoothly – letting the free flow of ideas move ahead uninterrupted.”

—via email Emile Pandolfi Emile Pandolfi

“‎I just wanted to tell you that I have never been involved in a recording that has been so drastically improved by mastering then the new Haymaker record. Thanks so much .. you really did a great job!”

—via email Haymaker Steve Lockwood

“‎…Thanks so much for today. It was the least painful mastering job I’ve ever had to sit through! Dare I say almost fun? You are as good as they say you are…maybe better!…”

—via email Mary Flower Mary Flower

“‎…The band is currently working on material for the first Mike Branch Band release. Slated at this time to be an EP and scheduled for release hopefully sometime in 2014. “Our intention is to record tracks at Nettleingham Audio which is a killer studio in Vancouver, WA and have the project co-produced by Kevin Nettleingham; who’s production track record is truly one of the finest in the city and speaks for itself,” Mike said.”

—via a Cascade Blues Association online interview Mike Branch Mike Branch Band

“Musician friends who have heard Blues Stains [On My Hands] all comment on how good the recording quality is… Thanks for the great job.”

—via FaceBook message Rob Shoemaker The Norman Sylvester Band

“Listened to the masters. F*&%ing sounds great. Thanks for that. You are a pro. World class… I will certainly use you for all future projects. Seriously, you’re awesome at what you do. And your studio is beautiful. We will see each other again, Nettleingham.”

—via email Scott Arbogast Rainstick Cowbell

“Mastered our new album with the superb Nettleingham Audio today. Death to fake mastering! Long live Nettleingham!”

—via FaceBook post The Weak Knees The Weak Knees

“Just finished listening to the Master. Sounds fantastic… You have to be one of the best. Thanks”

—via email Dave Mills Soul Vaccination

“Getting no work done now. DAMN! Rockin’ the speakers right off my desk. Better than I thought it could possibly sound- you da man!”

—via email Rich Layton Rich Layton and The Troublemakers

“Kevin is the easiest and most professional person I have had the pleasure to work with. And his studio… is; “The!””

—via FaceBook Recommendation Bill Cooper Bill Cooper

“Did an awesome job on mastering my CD, Heritage”

—via FaceBook Recommendation AnnaLee Foster AnnaLee Foster

“To all my friends in bands, you want a record that sounds awesome? Record it here (Nettleingham Audio), you won’t be sorry.”

—via FaceBook post Jesse Cunningham Honky Tonk Union

“Awesome recording studio! Uber pro!”

—via FaceBook Recommendations Sara Huddleston

“WOW, Kevin you and Caleb (our graphic designer) are Geniuses!! I LOVE THIS COVER WORK and the CD art. Wow Wow Wow … did I say WOW?!”

—via email Judy Koch Smith Doug Smith and Judy Koch Smith

” …I’m so thankful for all the help I’ve had along the way! I want to give a special shout out to Kevin Nettleingham of Nettleingham Audio! He’s been an amazing partner in the process, and a kinder, more practical pro, I’ve yet to meet! Dude, you are a rock star!…”

—via Cascade Blues Association Lucy Hammond The Lucy Hammond Band

“Thanks Kevin, the master rocks. It’s crisp and clear, I wish I could have sat in on the sessions, Aaron has been raving about his experience.”

—via email Scott Pond Jetpack Missing

“…I’m listening to my album… and I couldn’t help but credit you with what I am hearing. To make a long story short, you have have made me into a real musician, and I can’t thank you enough. When I record with you, my stuff sounds like my favorite albums. I feel like any legacy I may leave will be a result of your production. You are a genius at what you do and I am so lucky to have found you; I am so excited to continue working with you. That’s all. I just wanted to write and say ‘thank you’ and to let you know that, in my eyes, you are one of the most talented and skilled producers working today. I can’t wait to finish this album with you.”

—via FaceBook message Rich Milock Eyepennies

“I just want to say THANK YOU for all the work you have put into these, I think they sound $#&*ing amazing, and I know that it’s mostly because of your expertise. Definitely the best thing I have ever been a part of, and thank you for all the hard work. Seriously.”

—via email Dave Becker Elk River TFA

“The mastered CD sounds phenomenal! … I love it.”

—via email David Martin Martin Harmonic Choir

“Kevin! What an incredible job you did on the C.D.!!! It’s just beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for doing such great work for us. We appreciate it and will be spreading the word and hopefully, the work, as well!!!”

—via email Anne Debrie Conroy-Debrie

“Kevin is the best Mastering Engineer in the Northwest. He has a great ear and also a great heart. You will not be disappointed with the care and service you receive from him or Shelly.”

—via review Johnny Z

“…We just won our Grammy. OK, not the kind that they give out at the awards show, but still. I’d sent the CD off to Baby James a couple days ago, not knowing how he’d react. … So James phoned me a couple hours ago in tears. He was that thrilled with the CD. I’ve never heard James emotional before, but he couldn’t stop choking up. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a lot prouder of that than I would be of winning an actual Grammy…”

—via email Louis Pain King Louie & Baby James kinglouisjames

“Hi Kevin, Mike [Cohen] just gave me a copy of his PIG WAR CD and I am completely impressed with the packaging as well as the mastering of some old analog tapes. He told me that he just gave it to you along with some pictures and that you put it all together. Fantastic! Nicest job I’ve seen in a long time… I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your work.”

—via email Teddy Deane The Play-Rite Boys

“I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing to completion this project. You and Shelly are so nice to work with. I so appreciate the professional way you handle your business; your prompt responses to emails, phone calls, etc. and in finishing the project in a very timely manner. It truly was a pleasure working with you”

—via email Denise Shaw

“Good job. They [the art files] look great to me. I can’t find one suggestion to make and I havn’t even been drinkin’ or anything.”

—via email Mike Cohen

“…We hold you in the highest esteem. You went above and beyond the call of duty regarding the quality, class and integrity you put into our CD production. Your commitment, honesty, expertise and professionalism is felt in the hearts and musical souls of all Kode Bluuz members, so thank you…!”

—via Hallmark card Kode Bluuz

“… the order has beat all of our expectations and you guys did an outstanding job. Thank you once again…”

—via email Josh Rustmine

“… I just finished listening to the entire CD and I love it. You really pulled it all together… Thanks so much. This is the 5th CD you’ve done for me and I’m thrilled.”

—via email Teddy Deane The Play-Rite Boys

“….thank you for making sure our project was a success.”

—via letter Mark and Jan The Hell Candidates

“Thanks again SO much for your expertise and patient assistance…”

—via letter Bob Bennett

“…I am once again aware of what a beautiful sound you are able to get on my piano. It’s truly outstanding, and, of course, we are starting out with a great instrument. But no matter how you choose to record, and what different mics over the years, we always get a great sound, so it really is “Me, only better”. So all I have to say, is, well, THANK YOU!”

—via email Emile Pandolfi

“….great stuff (as usual). You can go to YouTube & enter PDXV to see one of the tunes. I’ve had many people tell me how good the sound is…and they’re right…”

—via email Dick Titterington PDXV

“…I’d just like to say how happy (and darned impressed) we are with how the mastering turned out. We all love and it want to thank you for doing such a top-notch job. Finally, something we are proud of! =).”

—via email Jon Hecox Shark Week

“Thanks again for the work on our CD. It sounds and looks great… everybody is extremely happy with the turn-around, quality and professionalism given to our little project.”

—via email Todd Holzman Logoseye

“…Nettleingham Audio has been a lifesaver. I would have quit [the music business] had I not found y’all.”

—via email Matt Molnar Ranlom

“Shelly, thank you very much for your wonderful work on Laini….. not only expedited to get us product when we needed it but really done with care and expression. Cover looks inviting and disc audio top sound. Artists have to go a long way to find folks like you and Kevin who really care about them and who do creative work on their CD’s.”

—via email Frank Fara Comstock Records

“…Kevin Nettleingham is one talented engineer/producer!!! He has helped to shape our sound into what you hear today and I will be forever grateful to him as a musician and a songwriter. His ears should be bronzed for the work he has done! (but that might hurt him & we would NEVER want to hurt Kevin as we love him!!!)…”

—via Robin Brantley Ruby Red

“…I wanted to say thanks again for the tremendous job you did on our John Fahey tribute project “I am the Resurrection.” The record has a tremendous sound, especially for a various artist project with content from such disparate sources.”

—via email Stephen Brower Vanguard Records

Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine: “The artwork on the CD is very nice. Tell me about the concept…” John Standefer: “The concept was to recreate the look of my childhood era. …A great deal of the credit for the 8-page booklet, however, goes to Shelly Nettleingham. She worked miracles with my vision and really went the extra mile on the artwork.”

—excerpt from a Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine interview John Standefer – 2002 National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

“…the quality is excellent. Thanks and great job!”

—via email Chuck Palahniuk

“…he [KKIM AM] uses your work as a go by for the others to try to meet!”

—via email Gilbert Larson

“The master is perfect. I don’t think it could be better…”

—via email Danny Moffitt

“My band has decided that no matter what happens in the future, we demand to be bound by contract that you are the only engineer/god of mastering we deal with. If we can’t be successful enough to pay off your home mortgage and pay off your studio in less than 12 months, we deserve to be flogged by nursing home chicks.”

—via email Mark Jamison Elfshu

“All I can say is wow. I thought the recording was pretty solid, but what you did with it is absolutely amazing – like the difference between black & white and color pictures. I will never, ever question the need for mastering, and you will always have my business.”

—via email Dave Becker Quarthog

Music Liberation Project Magazine: “Have you worked with any recording studios, producers and/or engineers in town that you’d love to recommend to other people? Who and Why?” Miguel Artugue: “Kevin Nettleingham is a great engineer. He mastered my solo record and I kid you not, that guy could hear a fish piss in a waterfall…”

—excerpt from a Music Liberation Project Magazine interview Miguel Artugue

“Thanks so much for your help in this project. It truly has been a pleasure working with your company. I only wish that we would have known about you guys during our first project.”

—via letter Gene Amason Radio Driver