Nettleingham Audio

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December 1997

Continued tracking Porter, Brown, King and Vinnegar at HeavyWood Studios. Mastered releases for Salem, OR artist Karey Nickel, Spokane, WA artist Don Weise, Kentwood, MI artists Die Kraft and Newberg, OR artist Jerry Olson. Editing for Adam Zwig of Portland, OR. Mastered a compilation by Bland Records entitled “Dogma for the Secret Agent” which includes the following bands: Scribble, Pedro Luz, Slackjaw, The Gone Orchestra, fuse, Flophouse Palace, Failtaker, Pushover, Supervillian, Contraption, Kayo, Suplex, Crux, Spoil Sports, Brian Pannel, Brother Egg, 800 Octane, Sylvia’s Ghost, 44 Long, Primer Grey Polliwog, Minus Violet, H.E.A.D. and Gravelpit.