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The Strange Tones
November 2005 Featured Artist: The Strange Tones
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November 2005

Mastered releases for PDX artists Conroy-Debrie, The Reds, The Vulturines and Legend of Dutch Savage. Teddy Deane, formerly of Portland’s mainstay Swingline Cubs, sent in his new duos CD, The Play-Rite Boys. M Ward sent in a single to master (Green River) for his contribution to a Merge Records CCR tribute compilation. Johnny Martin sent in his annual Christmas song for mastering as well. Moribund Records band, Catacombs had their new CD mastered. Deep Elm Records bands Slowride and Planes Mistaken for Stars sent in CDs for mastering as well. The Mist Beets of The Dalles, Oregon drove in to master their new CD entitled “Mugged and Raped in Seattle.” Thicke Hawkins of Van Nuys, California had their CD mastered. Principal Bassoonist/producer Mark Eubanks came in to master the Oregon Symphony‘s Classical #2 concert for radio airplay. Recorded piano duo East Meets West in the Steinway Recital Hall at Sherman Clay in PDX. Mixed three songs for Sons of Calculon. Continued tracking for Carl Wirkkala as well as Jake Kot.