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February 2006 Featured Artist: RANLOM
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February 2006

Kevin traveled to Greenville, South Carolina to record and mix a solo piano album by the renowned artist, Emile Pandolfi. This is no ordinary record. This project was brought to Emile by producer Aaron Brown, in celebration of the 20th anniversary release of Aaron’s Grammy-nominated A Child’s Gift of Lullabyes. Emile was asked to re-record the songs in his own unique style. Fantastic! Mastered releases for Portland area artists: RyeHollow, New Shilling, Darren Johnson, Jon Garcia, Brian Ward, Drats!!!, Quinn Peck, Conduit, Exit 7, Phil and Gayle Neuman. Mastered releases for: Seattle band The Starlings and Stoughton, Massachusetts band Dissector. Comstock Records artist Jackson Kingman had his new CD mastered as well. Principal Bassoonist/producer Mark Eubanks came in to master the Oregon Symphony‘s Classical #5 concert for OPB radio airplay and Classical #11 for OPB and NPR airplay. Continued mixing The Bassoons Brothers third CD and tracking for Carl Wirkkala‘s next release. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Track Sheet” section of the May 2006 issue of Mix Magazine.