Nettleingham Audio

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January 1998

Mastered releases by The Mike Wofford Trio, Nancy King, King James Space Kastle, Adam’s House Cat, Jerry Olson, Adam’s House Cat, Prabha, and the University of Reno Faculty Band. Magic Marker Records owners Curt Kentner and Mark Rothkopf stopped by to master their comp entitled: We Can Still Be Friends, featuring The Minders, Faster Tiger, Boy Crazy, Lunchbox, Franklin Bruno, Incredible Force of Junior, The Ladybug Transistor, Gumption, Tullycraft, Mad Planets, Kissing Book, Kincaid, Racecar, Guppyboy, Heber-Binary Project, Nothing Painted Blue, Tizzy, Kisswhistle, The Boyish Charms and Benji Cossa. Continued editing for Patti Stuerer’s “By Women for Women.”