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The Norman Sylvester Band
December 2002 Featured Artist: The Norman Sylvester Band
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December 2002

Mastered releases for Diggabone, Smooch Knob, Secret Squirrel, The Yanks and Ray Ottoboni. Engineer/Producer Sean Norton was in with band Coldsmoke for mastering as was Engineer Ed Rei with Mindstain. Metal band Stonecreep stopped by with engineer Jim Sanders for sonic polish too. Wrapped up mixing and mastering for SomeOne featuring guitarists/vocalists Marcus and Dorian Jones as well as Renato Caranto on saxophone. Began mixing on the Jake Kot project and started tracking new songs for Country Rock artist Tim Current. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Coast to Coast – Session & Studio News” portion of the February 2003 issue of Mix Magazine.