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Featured Artists

Stephen Brower and the Silent Majority
March 2009 Featured Artist: Stephen Brower and the Silent Majority
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March 2009

Mastered releases for PDX area artists: Eric John Kaiser, Church, Dear Assassin, Elke Robitaille, Brandon Chandler and the Revival, The Ocean Floor, Portland State Jazz Ensemble, Judd Janes, Lincoln’s Beard and Mt. Community College Jazz Band and Combos. Mastered the new CD for Yakima, Washington vocal group For Eternity. Mastering for the new Deep Roots / Girls Inc. CD featuring: Gretchen Mitchell, Breanna Paletta, Paula Sinclair, Liv Warfield, Nicole Dominguez/Halélupe, Kate Mann, Miriam German, Marissa Anderson, Tahoe Jackson and Morgan Grace. Tracking for the new Lyle Ritz and Rebecca Kilgore CD featuring Dave Captein and John Stowell. Also mastered the Deep Roots / St. Johns Poetry Sessions Vol. III CD featuring: Jessica Stiles, Keegan Smith, Tony Smiley, Kim Vik, Jeremy Wilson, Ezekiel Goodrick, Bliss Junkie, Kyle Lange, Desmond Spann / “DLUX THE LIGHT”, DeAngelo Raines / “dynast SMG”, Barry Hampton and Renée Muzquiz. Recording for Greg Goss and for The Empiricals. Mixing for Joel Belgique.