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Alfredo Muro
December 2005 Featured Artist: Alfredo Muro
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December 2005

Mastered releases for Portland area artists: John and Jose Troncoso, Dealer, Grant Richards, Celtic Poet Society, John Bolt, Soul Vaccination, Three Together and THIRTY-3. If you are from the Portland area there is no doubt that you know who the Saturday Market “Elvis” is. However, did you know that he is a spoken word artist? Me either until now. Wow, he is REALLY good and he has a new CD called “Creepy Tales that Chill.” Oo! scary kids! Mastered releases for Cheyenne, Wyoming area artists The Fugates and Tempe, Arizona band, Brother Lush as well as Arvada, Colorado duo John April and Tim Moody. Mastered releases for: Deep Elm Records band, Fightstar and Razorback Records band, Funerot. Mastered a couple pre-release tracks for M Ward too. Principal Bassoonist/producer Mark Eubanks came in to master the Oregon Symphony‘s Classical #3 concert for radio airplay as well a new theme piece for Public Radio. Recorded, mixed and mastered live tracks for Pacific Breeze aka Ty and Nonoy Alovera. Continued tracking for Carl Wirkkala. Wrapped up tracking, mixing and mastering of Jake Kot‘s redo of his latest CD “At a Glance.” Tracked drummer Steve Moretti for an upcoming Bassoon Brothers release. Portions of this month’s news were published in the “Track Sheet” section of the March 2006 issue of Mix Magazine.