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October 2012 Featured Artist: Tyler Stenson
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Standing as Stenson’s boldest release yet, ‘Some Days I’m a Lion’ is a motivational anthem as much as it is an album title. Although inspired by a few of the darker days within his musical endeavor, this 12-track LP touches on the up-and-down tribulations of the human existence but ultimately imparts a wisdom for overcoming uncertainty, believing in self and loving fearlessly.

“I can say with every confidence that this is my best one yet.” Stenson says about his newest release. “They’ve all been strong in individual ways but this is an album that uses all of the tools I’ve gathered over the years and finally wields them all at once.”

Yes, despite the fact that ‘Some Days I’m a Lion’ is Stenson’s 10th studio album, it’s no doubt the breaking of new ground for the Portland singer/songwriter of Elegant Folk music. Though the record is still loaded with his signature brand of refreshingly poetic lyric, it is not simply more of the same – it is an obvious display of growth and a welcomed new era for the maturing artist.

En route to being twice-named the “Songwriter of the Year” by the Portland Songwriters Association and “Best Male Artist” at the 2011 Portland Music Awards, Stenson has endured the many stumbles involved in being a working musician and this album and its contents are the proud summary of that journey – bold and brave but always humble.

“My day will come, this I know … cause there’s a flower buried in my chest that continues to grow.”

Album release at The Aladdin Portland Oregon on October 19th at 7PM.
Buy your tickets here: album release on 10/19:

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