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July 2011 Featured Artist: Plaid Pantry Project
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The album Pottersville is the latest sonic offering from Oregon’s most prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & wickedly talented musician Andy Pibal.

The Artist Andy Pibal (aka Pribhol, Pribal) entered the music-realm in 1988 as the drummer to the experi-metal, post punk rock quartet “Forehead” (1988-1995). As a side project during this time of the Northwest musical renaissance of the early 1990’s, Andy began recording a series of albums under the lighthearted moniker of “The Plaid Pantry Project.” Writing all of the songs, playing drum tracks, bass, guitars, piano & vocal tracks himself gives artistic freedom which allow the songs to come out as freely as they were written. Having been labeled as one of the best drummers in Portland Andy never shies away from putting a percussive edge on his guitar & bass playing as well as his vocal delivery & style.

Long-time Portland residents may remember the short-lived co-op between the actual Plaid Pantry corporation convenience store chain (when approached for Trademark & name use rights and Andy). This odd marriage led to one of the most unbelievable stories in Rock & Roll history, and it happened right here in Portland Oregon.

The sound of Plaid: Imagine Ric Ocasek producing “Ride the Lightning” for Robert Pollard & Rick Springfield, or something close to this. Guitar rock? Yes. Wanker-riffic & solo-rollo? No. Can you sing along to it? Most definitely. Is it another “Johnny-Alt come lately to Portland” playing make-up & wearing guitar? Um, no. However, if you like music, you will like Plaid. If you think your music is really great & everybody else sucks, you will really like Plaid.

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