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July 2010 Featured Artist: thebrosmad
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Thebrosmad is a two-man glam rock band that sounds like a 4-man band, and “Thebrosmad EP” is their six-song, no-overdubs, self-produced debut recording.

With cable access cult favorite vonHummer singing lead and strumming (yes, strumming) his uniquely designed bass, and Sir Raleigh Grey on drums and sometimes harmonica, singing backup, Thebrosmad has crafted a sublime EP which harkens to the early Who/garage rock of the 60s. The “glam” tag comes not only as a result of their outlandish lobster headgear and spattered paint business suits, not to mention the creepy eyeball specs, but also courtesy of their mind-blowing music videos and stage shows, like the recent “Summer Shin-Kick,” hosted at Portland’s Eagles Lodge. Wild lights, belly-dancers, a dancing black mechanical Santa, and a “virtual dancer” made of stacked TV sets make their live shows worthy of the excesses “glam” has historically been known for.

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