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January 2007 Featured Artist: PDXV
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PDXV is a band comprised of top jazz musicians in Portland, Oregon. Personnel are: Dick Titterington/trumpet, Rob Davis/sax, Greg Goebel/piano, Dave Captein/bass and Todd Strait/drums.

The band came together originally to be a part of a series of concerts at Portland State University in the fall of 2005. Although they played only one rehearsal and one 50 minute set, they all realized there was something special about the sound of this group. It really is, as they say, “more than the sum of its parts”. The material they have been playing is representational of jazz standards written by jazz musicians (as opposed to the writing of the Tin Pan Alley composers). Seems like there’s been somewhat of a shift in recent history more toward the great vocal standards, which are indeed well worth playing, but not exactly the reason they took up playing jazz on their respective instruments. What about those sides of Joe Henderson, Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, and the myriad of other great small jazz ensemble recordings of the mid to late 20th century that many jazz instrumentalists listened to until the stylus wore through the vinyl? That’s the material PDXV plays. The band name came simply from needing to name a computer file. Since PDX is the Portland airport initials and the Roman numeral V means five, it just seemed like the way to go. By the way, it is pronounced PDXVee (as in V8)… just so you know.

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