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Matty Molnar
March 2005 Featured Artist: Matty Molnar
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Matty Molnar’s recent release “Baggage” is a Samsonite full of introspection, vivid stories, and funky instrumentals incorporating a hint of jazz, blues, and rock. The lyrical content is honest and often times witty served up with just the right amount of emotion. He guarantees you’ll find the album refreshing to your soul!

Matty is a low-maintenance man. He is an old soul who approaches life in a simple manner. After all, the hearse don’t pull a UHaul. He is a ragamuffin whose thirst for God’s grace keeps him at the well of prayer. His true passion lies with The J.P. Hancock Project, a non-profit venture dedicated to equipping those in poverty with the necessary tools to increase their resources and assets. Matty will continue to create unique, fresh music about his faith and promote his non-profit project until which time he needs eight men to hold his handles.

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