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January 2004 Featured Artist: K…
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“Diamond Light ” is the first release from “K…”. This unique music for inspiration and relaxation combines layered vocals with the keyboard sounds of strings, harps and chimes. The result is a warm, expansive mix that flows out of the speakers to surround the listener with good vibes.

“Diamond Light” was recorded in Portland, then brought to the studio for mixdown and mastering. The artist describes her project: “I have been experimenting with music of all kinds since I was very young. For many years, I have recorded at home, but never released anything professionally. In September 2003, I had a brainstorm. I challenged myself to record a CD of original music in 60 days, in my home studio. Songs, artwork, everything. Now, that’s a tall order for someone who can barely find time to sleep. Not to mention that I create my songs intuitively…I don’t read or write music. I felt very strongly that the album was to be relaxing, with no sad songs, no English words and an hour long. I shared my vision with my musician friend Vojin, and he thought I could do it. The CD was recorded at home in a few intense weekends. I did all the parts myself with the exception of two songs that were done with Vojin on keyboards. His talent and encouragement are definitely key ingredients in the energy of this project.” “Along the way, I went on a journey to places in my life that I had never seen before. I can tell you that it’s an amazing feeling to set your highest goal and achieve it. Every time you reach a new summit, you are forever expanded. Doubt and fear loosen their grip on you and your sense of self is strengthened. Growing is hard work but it doesn’t have to wear you out. Surround yourself with supportive people and the best tools. Then go for it and see what you discover. In any part of your life, it’s good to find out what your limits are. Only then will you know if you want to be more. Only then will you know what you are really about.” “There has been an amazing response to Diamond Light so far. Many people who hear it are moved by it and it has been popular with massage therapists and others in the healing arts. My wish for you is that you may see your world with new eyes, with power and grace, in love with your life. Do what you dream.”

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