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Obo Addy & Okropong
June 2003 Featured Artist: Obo Addy & Okropong
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Obo Addy, the son of a Wonche medicine man in Ghana, was designated a “master drummer” at the age of six. Surrounded by his enormous family (his father had 55 children by 10 wives) and thoroughly immersed in the core musical traditions of his people, Obo embodied the skills and deep values of Ga music as few could.

Okropong (meaning “eagle” in Obo Addy’s native Ga language) performs traditional Ghanaian music chosen from the various ethnic cultures in Ghana. Using a variety of hand and stick drums, talking drums, bells and shakers, the musicians build layers of driving rhythms. From the traditional music of the fishermen of Accra, “Jama” to Obo Addy’s own composition, “The Earth Loves You”, Obo and Okropong’s new release, “AfieyeOkropong” is both a musical and spiritual journey. This is a dramatic re-telling of life in Ghana. When Obo Addy and his group Okropong step onto the stage, African musical history comes to life. TRACKS Jama / Baakor / Womlinba / Obonu (Drums of Thunder) / Amedzro / Kofichuru / Donno Sings, You’re Late / Asafo / Otofo Yoo / The Earth Loves You

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