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Jordan Tyler
March 2003 Featured Artist: Jordan Tyler
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In the wake of the success of such acts as the Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard Confessional, acoustic fronted Rock (indie rock, emo, punk, etc) is gaining much acceptance within the scene, and crossing over into the wide punk and hardcore subculture and audiences. Jordan Tyler comes from this realm of music and song writing, but sets himself apart with the range of influences he brings to the table.

Having been in numerous punk bands since the age of seven Jordan has stood on stages from Portland, Oregon to Latvia (yes in Europe) playing just about every instrument at various times. (and with various bands – most notably with “One owe One” who were gaining quite a following in Latvia during the time Jordan was living there and playing with them) A few years ago, Jordan eventually settled on the acoustic guitar, and has been following this passion ever since. With this punk rock background in hand Jordan throws in various other influences from great American musicians like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and the more current Elliot Smith. Take these varied influences and add in a bit of commercial Pop to finish out the mix, and you have Jordan Tyler’s “So Far Away.” Blazing from the streets of Oregon (Jordan’s original Home state), Jordan Tyler and his band, play the ultimate sentimental soundtrack. Whether singing about falling in love or every day situations, Jordan humbles himself to be honest and outspoken about what is going on inside his heart and head. With this type of a lyrical approach Jordan gathers unto himself, the love sick teenager, the hopeless romantic, and the soul searcher in us all. RECOMMENDED FOR FANS OF: Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer, The Calling, Dashboard Confessional, Green Day (acoustic stuff) & Ryan Adams.

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