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Ephat Mujuru
September 2002 Featured Artist: Ephat Mujuru
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“Shona Mbira music embodies all the qualities which positive music should have: it is healing, happy, entertaining, reaches the heart, it has beauty and moves. Mbira music is spiritual because it transmits positive energy. It is like a deep cleaning of our thoughts. The purpose of this album is to create a special atmosphere that will clean our minds, so needful in this world of too much information.” – Ephat Mujuru

Ephat Mujuru was one of Zimbabwe’s greatest masters of the mbira and this album represents the realization of a long-standing dream: to present his art in a fully realized recording. For the uninitiated, Journey of the Spirit will open the door to one of the most surprising and beautiful musical traditions on the African continent. Fans of traditional African music will consider this recording as a must-have release. Beyond cultural definitions, for many the delicate beauty of the Zimbabwean mbira will bring peace and calm to the speed and noise of everyday 20th century life. FEATURED ARTISTS: Banning Eyre plays acoustic guitar on “Africa Meet Africa” and “Mabwaedziwa.”, Kevin Nathaniel Hylton plays bass drum, hosho and miscellaneous percussion on “Africa Meet Africa” and “The Train.”, Hassan Bakr plays congas, hosho and miscellaneous percussion on “Africa Meet Africa.” Melvin Dean plays Trinidadian pans on “Africa Meet Africa” and “The Train.” TRACKS: Nyamaropa (Journey of the Spirit); Dande; Africa Meet Africa; Imagination; The Lion (Shumba); Peace; Mbiriwiri (My Sound); Chigamba (A Patch); The Train; Tema Musasa (Mbira Blues); Mabweadziwa; Taireva “Ephat radiated grace, a magical glow that made him seem somehow larger than life, hyper real. I remember the transfixed faces of children watching him dance; he seemed to float above the floor, exhibiting a fluidity and beauty of motion belied by his physique. He was so full of love of people and of living.” Crystal Sloan, U.S. manager.

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