Nettleingham Audio

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November 2009

Mastered releases for PDX area artists: Chris Chabot, Luckydog Records‘ HolliePollock, Frank Tribble, Professor Gall, Alison Rice and The Wheel, and Joe Stoddard. Moribund Records sent in tracks for mastering for Avsky (from Dalarna, Sweden) and Blood Cult (from Decatur, Illinois). The Holmgren Sisters were in to continue work on their gospel inspired CD. The Troublemakers came by to perform a few edits. Adam Zwig was in editing and tracking. Tim Current and Tracey Harris added backing vocals while Anthony Jones tracked drums and Rob Barrick provided bagpipes. Beatrix Boeckenhoff and Trillium Winds were in to mix and master. Hannah Dedlow was in to mix. Tracking with Renato Caranto and Marcus and Dorian Jones.