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What is Digital Editing?

Digital Editing is the process by which songs are, depending on the task at hand, trimmed, joined, and otherwise altered. Often it repairs problems that are missed during the recording/mixing process. For example, sometimes after having the chance to live with a mix, an artist may decide that a song has one too many choruses. In most cases, this can be fixed through editing. Certain timing problems, such as an early or late entry may possibly be repaired. These types of fixes are completely program dependent and will not work 100% of the time.

In addition, fades can be extremely smooth when done during editing, rather than in the studio during mixdown. I have actually added instruments and vocals to final mixes during mastering on occasion, so many things are still possible at this late stage of production. Some mastering engineers would rather not to deal with these types of issues, preferring instead to receive the mix master in the exact sequenced order with the appropriate amount of spacing between each cut. This is something you should ask your mastering engineer, as some charge exorbitant fees for editing.

Posted in: Mastering