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What file formats do you accept?

Audio format choices can seem confusing: 16 or 24 bit; 44.1 kHz or 96 kHz; .AIFF; or .WAV; stereo or mono, but the proper choice is usually quite simple. You should save your mix at whichever bit depth and sample rate your session was recorded and mixed at.

For instance, if you used Pro Tools and your sessions were formatted into 24 bit/44.1 kHz .WAV files, choose the same format for your final mixes.

For best quality, create 24 bit files. File type doesn’t really matter unless you are working at high resolution, in which case you will have to use .WAV or .AIFF files, as those are the only formats that support sample rates over 48 kHz.

Alternate Formats

Avoid using audio CDs and MP3 formats. Although, if necessary, we can work with it.

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