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May 2012 Featured Artist: Sonny Hess Band
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All Aces is symbolic of a walk through fire and the joy of survival. Sonny survived cancer only to have her home burn to the ground. She was determined to overcome, not allowing these life experiences to beat her but to grow through her music.

Her lyrics to “I’m not Leavin’ You” reveals a confidence and strength gained from adversity as does her tune of personal experience “Got-ta Win It”. She is fronting the band on an album for the first time and the honesty and emotion in her voice has an understanding few singers show. It brings a depth to the band it has not shown before.

The connection with her band mates has deepened with a new intensity; lively riffs are tossed back and forth with unabashed pleasure. The true satisfaction of lovin’ what you’re doing is evident. Each player seems to have reached for new heights and totally deserve the “All Aces” attribution.

Eminently danceable, “All Aces” is also a complex and talented musical accomplishment. Quoting one of her own lyrics: “You know you can win after losin’ sometimes….” This album proves it!

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