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Colin Lake & Wellbottom
April 2008 Featured Artist: Colin Lake & Wellbottom
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While many blues albums are forced to hide behind a single strength of the band or performer, Colin Lake & Wellbottom have nothing and no one to fear. Bullet is an unapologetic, sun-up to sun-down romp through strikingly authentic territory.

Bullet captures Lake and his band firing on all cylinders as they soar through eight burning originals, three timeless blues gems, and one surefire hit. Material that has already garnered the attention of national music publications – months before the album goes to print and without the help of a record label. Lake’s soulful vocal style, dripping slide-guitar tone, and gripping, introspective lyrics could easily have you confusing this 26 year old for a road-weary gunslinger twice his age. But as Lake clearly draws from a musical well that is older than us all, his style and approach to the music are decidedly modern. At over 63 minutes long this album is packed with go-for-broke emotion, thoughtful hooks, and honest, purposeful improvisation. With a tiny budget and huge ideas, Lake and his band have created an album that has all the feeling and none of the trappings that have come to define America’s original music; Blues. Bullet is, to paraphrase, built for comfort and for speed… and the people will agree.

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