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The Martindales
October 2002 Featured Artist: The Martindales
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Where is the good, honest, sincere American music these days, you ask? Why, it’s right here, friend. Introducing The Martindales: four no-nonsense musicians who came together with open chords, open hearts, and songs made for the open road.

The open road: wind in your hair, Cadillac humming, radio crackling, destination unknown. A golden sunset streaked by a purple blaze. Out here it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters. And The Martindales write the soundtrack. Intertwined guitars buzz and shimmer like mirages on the highway. The drums, a well-honed engine, keep perfect time as the scenery rushes by. The bass guitar anchors the Caddie’s chassis for a smooth ride. This is music with heart. And you’ve got heart – your heart digs timeless music that takes you back to simpler days. To long, carefree drives. To sweet summer nights, cold beer, and warm friends. To old lovers you haven’t seen, or spoken to, in years. The Martindales are an American rock band that combines grit and polish, toughness and tenderness. In the age of CDs,Introducing The Martindales offers the kind of roots vibe that would sound just as welcome on a scratchy LP. – Mark Woodlief

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